Charlotte Louise is an award-winning cabaret and fusion style bellydancer from Asheville, NC. She is known for keeping crowds smiling with her energetic performances at restaurants, parties and stage shows. She currently teaches at Danceclub Asheville and Asheville Community Dance Theater. You can also see her performing regularly at Jerusalem Garden Cafe in Asheville, NC!

Charlotte has twice been part of a winning troupe at the Belly-Off in Pittsburgh. In 2013 she won "Grand Champion in the Rising Star Category" at the same competition. In March of 2014 Charlotte was selected as one of 12 dancers to perform with Zoe Jakes of Beats Antique in House of Tarot. In January 2015 she won "People's Choice" in the Junior Professional Cabaret Category at the East Coast Classic. In July 2015 she placed second in the Professional category at Sherena's Shakedown, and in 2017 she won "People's Choice" at East Coat Classic. She won first place in the professional oriental category at River City Raqs in 2018. Most recently she has been part of Jillina's Bellydance Experience, cast as a lead role in the Wizard of Oz. She has studied with many master teachers, including Lisa Zahiya, Aziza of Montreal, Zoe Jakes,  Mahsati Janan, and Jillina Carlano.

Above all, Charlotte strives to be a continual student of Middle Eastern dance, culture, and music. She lives in Asheville, NC and also works as a coach and psychotherapist. 

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"My cocktail party had great food & amazing wine BUT all everyone raved about was Charlotte. She WAS the party and everyone had such a wonderful and unique surprise when she came out dancing and this girl has MOVES! Wow! She is friendly, professional and very beautiful. We will have her back FOR SURE! Book her."
​-Zsa Zsa Neild

"Charlotte Louise was so much fun! She arrived a bit early and ensured the music was ready (and she knew how to rig up the technology when I couldn't figure it out). She was sweet with my daughter who was eager to help her prepare. Her costume was stunning and hair and make up perfect. She came out "on stage" in a flourish and was lots of fun to watch. She had everyone up dancing and laughing and really got the party going. We may have to do an annual Moroccan Dinner and have her back! Thanks Charlotte Louise!!"
-Tricia Reynolds






Ongoing teen/adult classes at Asheville Community Dance Theater, Tuesdays 5:30-7:00

Classes at Danceclub Asheville are currently on hiatus, but check back for a new series in March!


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