Aisha is an Charlotte-based awarding winning belly dancer that has been studying and performing belly dance for the past 13 years. Her teachers include the Salimpour School of Dance based in Bay Area, CA and the Bellyqueen School of Dance in NYC. Aisha has been in major dance productions, including the NYC production of Francesca Pedretti and Alice Giampieri's La Divina Commedia and Bellyqueen's Milan, Italy production of Journey Along the Silk Road. Aisha has performed with live bands at Kaeshi Chai's weekly dance and music event, Djam Under Jebon, participated in haflas with New York's top and up and coming dancers. In NC, she has danced in shows with international stars such as Sadie, Mahaila el Helwa, and Marta Korzun, and teaches regular classes. When she’s not belly dancing, Aisha is training and performing with NC Brazilian Arts Project and pursuing her second undergraduate degree in Dance Education at UNCC.





"Aisha does a fabulous job leading Belly dance choreography to women from beginners to advanced. It is a lovely way for women to break down insecurities and fears and turn them into feeling more confident, empowered, and beautiful than when they came in. Thank you for sharing your exotic passion and talent with us, Aisha!!"


"I’ve wanted to take belly dancing classes for a while and I heard about Aisha’s class from a friend. Aisha’s teaching is clear and she choreographs routines that are easy to follow. I find the classes fun, good exercise and humbling. I recommend Aisha as a teacher and belly dancing as a great way to learn new ways to move your body and stimulate your brain!"


"I've attended about 8 belly dance classes so far with Aisha. I've always felt very intimidated to go to ANY type of dance class because I am a total-beginner -- and even "beginner" classes can feel overwhelming for me. Aisha makes everyone feel very welcome here. She gently breaks down each step with practice, and then implements them with music and a short routine. She's so kind & you can see she loves her art."






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